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How to Clean Motorcycle Wheel Spokes

When those shiny chrome motorcyle wheel spokes become dirty they appear very unattractive and dull. Thus, finding the right way to make them shine again without damaging your chrome (or aluminum, or other metal) is of high importance.

Supplies Needed:

You need the appropriate metal cleaner. For instance, if your motorcycle wheel spokes are chrome you need a chrome cleaner. If they are aluminum you need an aluminum cleaner.

You also need a baby bottle brush, soft cloths, bucket, old sheet, and water. Then, you need the right guidance.

The steps to cleaning your motorcycle wheel spokes are as shown below:

  1. Fill a bucket with warm water. Then, if the cleaning product label instructions say to add the cleaning solution to the water do so.
  2. Otherwise, do exactly as the product manufacturer states in the instructions, even if it means just spraying the substance right out of the can, or perhaps a spray bottle after mixing it with some water.
  3. Dip the baby bottle brush in the water mixture, or spray the cleaning solution onto the brush. (Remember the product label’s instructions of the solution you use to clean your motorcycle spokes supercedes the directions shown here.)
  4.  Use the moistened baby bottle brush to scrub any hard-to-reach areas of your motorcyle rims. The baby bottle brush is perfect for this job because the bristles of the brush fit right in between the spokes.
  5.  When you are done cleaning the spokes, rinse them off thoroughly with water. If necessary repeate the above steps with the hopes that your motorcycle spokes will be clean after a second round.
  6. Make sure you dry the spokes immediately after rinsing. This will prevent water spotting or streaking. This is also the best way to ensure proper shine of your bike wheel’s metal parts.
  7. Note: You should just wipe the metal of your wheel spokes dry with just the cleaner and no water if the product instructions say so. Never use water if the label or instructions provided with a metal polisher/cleaner say not do  so.

Also, you are advised to test the metal cleaner before you use it in a place that is noticeable. Maybe you can even try it out on an old motorcycle rim or even an old bicycle tire.

Alternative Method

You could follow the procedure above until you get to the part about dipping the baby brush into the metal cleaning solution. You could instead douse strips of an old sheet into the solution and/or the water.

You can use these strips to wipe between the spokes as you would the bottle brush. The effect is similar. However, if you do not want to do this yourself, you could always take your motorcyle into a shop and have it cleaned professionally.

This will save you from committing serious damage to your bike. Of course, paying someone to clean your bike spokes costs you more money. Therefore, consider whether or not it is necessary to pay for this service before you bring your motorcycle in.

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