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Can I Clean My Carpet With A Steam Cleaner?

Can I Clean My Carpet With A Steam Cleaner? 

A Bristol Carpet Cleaning Professional Answers Your Questions

In recent years, Britain has gone steam cleaning mad and it really is no surprise. Steam cleaning is fast, environmentally friendly and low cost. Most importantly, it’s effective. Steam cleaning kills bacteria such a listeria and e-coli and uses no potentially toxic chemicals, meaning that for people with children or animals it is a particularly safe method of cleaning. You probably already know how brilliantly effective steam is at cleaning floor tiles, kitchen surfaces and bathrooms, but did you know that it was just as good at cleaning carpets too?

How does steam cleaning work?

Steam cleaning works by literally melting the dirt away. Dirt and bacteria clings to the fibres of your carpet. You may not want to think about how many dirt particles, mites and nasty bacteria are clinging to the fibres of your carpet, even after vacuuming, but believe, after thirty years in the Britsol carpet cleaning business I can tell you that there can be some pretty horrifying things nestled within your shag pile. The extremely high temperature of the steam is enough to kill any mites or fleas that may be living within your carpet, as well as any harmful bacteria, whilst simply melting the dirt away.

Are There Special Steam Cleaners For Cleaning Carpets?

My Carpet

The short answer to that is yes. At my Bristol carpet cleaning company we have a range of high end, super powerful steam cleaners that are designed especially for carpet. But don’t worry, although I’d probably recommend you hire the services of a professional carpet cleaning company once a year or so for a really deep clean, you can buy decent steam carpet cleaning machines for home use. These differ from the steam cleaners you might use in your bathroom or kitchen, because once you have melted the dirt on a carpet you can’t wipe it away like you can off a non porous surface like a tile. Carpet steamers use a much larger volume of water, to flush out the dirt that has penetrated the fibres carpet, as well as a vacuum like sucking mechanism to suck the dirty water back out. Make sure you follow some decent instruuctions on how to steam clean your carpet and you won’t go far wrong.

So Can’t I Use My Normal Steam Cleaner On My Carpets?

The good news is that you can still use your normal steam cleaner on your carpets, but bear in mind the results won’t be as long lasting or impressive as if you used a dedicated steamer for carpet cleaning. Without the higher pressure and volume of steam used in a dedicated carpet steamer, you can’t flush out the dirt as effectively, and, more importantly, you can’t suck up the dirty water afterwards. What a normal steam cleaner can do for your carpets, however, is to kill any bacteria on the surface of the fibres of your carpet, which is great for improving the smell of your room; for killing any mites or flea eggs within your carpet; and for generally ‘brightening’ the appearance of your carpet.

After decades working in the Bristol carpet cleaning trade, I’ve seen the technology for keeping your carpets fresh and clean come on in leaps and bounds. But steam has been a real revelation.  Whether you decide to use your normal, multi-purpose steam cleaner, or a dedicated steam carpet cleaner, or simply to hire the services of a professional steam carpet cleaning firm once a year, I can guarantee you’ll be getting all steamed up about the cleanliness of your carpets!

Bristol carpet cleaning professional Kate Parker has worked in the trade for 30 years, and has recently started blogging and pursuing a lifelong dream of writing. When not writing or trying to find out ways of getting cleaner carpets Bristol based Kate likes reading poetry and ten-pin bowling.

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