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Borax To Clean Carpet

Borax is one of the most natural cleansers that exist today. It is a preferred cleaner because it is environmentally friendly, and has been used years and years by countless households.

About Borax:This is a substance that has been used for many, many years as an all-purpose cleaner and it has been very helpful as a laundry aid. It really works well for people who really try hard to use environmentally-friendly cleaning products.

For Fresh Spills that Stain:Accidents happen all the time and spills like wine, coffee, juice, and grape juice can be tough to remove, especially from lighter-colored fabric, upholstery, or carpets. The best results are noticed when these stains are treated immediately.

Here are some simple steps to follow when using Borax:

  • First, clean the stain with a clean cloth. When doing so, you should blot the stain instead of wiping it, because this will help stop the stain from spreading. Rubbing the stain could also cause the stain to become more engrained in the carpet.
  • Put some ice water in a spray bottle and spray it onto the spot, and then sprinkle the Borax over that.
  • Place a cold, wet cloth over the Borax.
  • The curved side of a spoon can help you work the Borax into the stain, especially if on the carpet.
  • You can repeat the blotting process with a clean cloth as you did in Step #1, and continue repeating the above series of steps until the spill stain is completely gone.
  • Spray the spot with cold water in order to remove the Borax
  • Set several paper towels over the area and set a heavy object over the top of it for several hours. This will help soak up even more of the water faster.
  • Remove the paper towels and let the spot dry, and then vacuum up the mess.

Use of Borax in Steam Cleaners:Borax can be used in steam cleaners, and works the same way as a regular carpet shampoo. Please follow the simple instructions below to make your steam cleaner.

Borax Cleaner Shampoo Recipe:One gallon of distilled vinegar should be mixed with one cup of Borax. This Borax mixture should be placed in your steam cleaner and hot water should be added to it. Pour this solution no more than to above the fill line.

Use of Borax to Clean Carpet Stains:Another use for Borax is as a carpet shampoo. You can use the recipe as prescribed below:

  • ¼ cup salt
  • ¼ cup Borax
  • ¼ cup vinegar

The first step of making this carpet stain remover is to slowly pour enough vinegar (no more than ¼ cup) into the Borax and salt. It should only be enough vinegar added to this cleaning solution as necessary to make it into a paste.

Then, apply this mixture to the stain and rub it into the carpet fibers. You can let this dry and then vacuum it.

Borax to Neutralize Urine Odor:You can use a Borax mixture to clean pet urine. The spot as well as the smell disappears using this method.

Urine Odor Neutralizing Mix:All it takes is two tablespoons of Borax and two tablespoons of baking soda added to hot water poured over the stain. Let this solution sit for a minimum of a few hours, or overnight. A wet vac can be used to remove the rest of the liquid.

Borax to Get Rid of Fleas:A pet wonder can use Borax to get rid of fleas. Before using, vacuum your carpet thoroughly. Then sprinkle on some Borax, and work it into the carpet with a broom. Let it sit for five days, and then vacuum.

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