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How To Remove Rust Stains from Vinyl Flooring

The removal of rust stains from vinyl flooring can really help you save money. It also helps you maintain a clean and well-kept look throughout your house.Basic home remedies and popular store concoctions are used for this purpose. You can get rid of rust without destroying your flooring.

Understanding Vinyl Flooring and its Vulnerability:Vinyl is a viable substitute manmade material used for many purposes. However, the chlorine and ethylene present in vinyl causes rust to remain stubborn on it.

This material is often chosen because of how inexpensive it is to make, purchase and install in lieu of metal flooring in factories. However, the active material agents in vinyl meet with the air and an oxidizing reaction takes place.

How to Remove Rust Stains From Vinyl Flooring:One way to remove rust stains from vinyl flooring in a residential home versus in a factory is possible using common ingredients. You can start out by spreading baking soda over the rust stain, and then you can let it sit for a few minutes.
Then, take a rag and moisten it with some vinegar and rub over the baking soda-covered rust stain. Keep repeating this action until the rust spot disappears.

Once you are done with the scrubbing action, just rinse away the removed rust particles with a clean cloth wet with water. If necessary, you can also dry the spot completely with a towel.

If the vinegar-water solution does not work very well you might want to try a 5% oxalic acid solution. This substance is usually formed into a powder and more often than not is sold at hardware stores.

You can also find this oxalic acid solution at marine supply shops. This acid left on the stain for at least five minutes can really do wonders. Just sprinkle this powder on the rust and then wait for a bit, and then spray a standard household cleaner over the acid in order to remove the rust.

You are advised though that oxalic is highly toxic (poisonous). Therefore, keep the remainder of what you buy for this cleaning project locked away from children’s reach.

What to Avoid:When you remove your rust spots never use chlorinated floor cleansers. Otherwise, all you will do is cause irreversible damage.

Another issue is that regular bleach on vinyl can cause some issues, especially if the floor is colored. One of the most common problems with using bleach is that it can create white splotches that you can never remove.

However, other kinds of bleaches such as a wood bleach can be used. Commercial products used for this purpose include Ultra One Rust Remover and the Bar Keeper’s Friend.

Another kind of cleaner that you might use is the Zud commercial heavy cleanser. This is one product that can for sure lift rust damage out of your floor.

If you want to avoid rust stains you can take extra caution towards preparing your floor with the right kinds of finish. In any case, you should avoid using metal nails when you install your flooring because these can easily rust.

Another helpful tip is that you should not splash too much water on your floor, and you should be careful about turning your water faucet up too high, because this can prevent water splashes. It also would help if you re-route rain-soaked coats and shows through different locations in your home.

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