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Shark Floor Steamer

The Shark Floor Steamer also known as the Euro-Pro Shark Steam Mop is very useful for cleaning tile, wood, and other surfaces. Its working magic is the steam it uses to lift the stains.

Benefits of the Shark Floor Steamer include the following:

  1. It can melt away gum or food residue that ordinarily would be stuck to the floor.
  2. Shoe and furniture scuffs are more easily removed.
  3. Tough mud and ground-in dirt is eliminated.
  4. It is very lightweight and the power cord is 20 feet long.
  5. It also is very portable at only 40” high by 12” wide by 7” deep.

How the Shark Floor Steamer Works:One of the reasons why the Shark Floor Steamer sells so well is because it does not require the use of any cleaning solution. It instead runs on heated water, usually from the tap. Stubborn stains are removable without even scrubbing.

Steps for using this steamer are shown below:

  • The first step is to place a custom-fitted microfiber pad on the steamer’s base.
  • The next action is to unscrew the top reservoir cap and fill this take with 8 ounces of water.
  • Then, replace the cap and turn the steamer on.
  • Wait 30 seconds for the water to heat up to allow the vapor to form.
  • Push the upper handle tube down three or four times so steam is released.
  • Pump the handle as needed and move it while the machine rows across the floor.

Do not use a steam cleaner to try to pick up loose dirt on the floor. You should instead sweep and vacuum beforehand. Then, machine wash the microfiber pads if they appear dirty. If they are too soiled you should eventually replace them.

Accessories:A carpet attachment called a Carpet Glider is available for the Shark Floor Steamer. It just snaps onto the base and it moves across a carpet without getting caught in the fibers.

Additional parts and accessories that available for this machine for extra cost include the following:

  • One upper and lower extendable replacement tube handle.
  • Extra microfiber pads sold in packs of three.
  • Replacement reservoir caps (sets of two).
  • Flask and funnel for easier reservoir tank filling.

Where to Buy a Shark Floor Steamer:One place to find a Shark Floor Steamer is to look online at It is found directly from Euro Pro, but you can also possibly find it cheaper. For instance, Best Buy has it, and so does or

Considerations:This steamer is very versatile. However, it should not be used on untreated/unsealed wood. It should also not be used on no-wax floors.

Furthermore, persons using hard water might experience floor damage (white spots) when using. If you have hard water in your home you should instead use distilled water.

You should also realize that the Euro Pro mop is not the cheapest one out there, averaging at around $80 for the mop. Then, the prices of accessories vary and the replacement pads cost $10 each.

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