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How to Remove Pet Urine from Pool Table Felt

Pets can really be a menace but you still love them because they fill some void in your life. You will not punish or throw your pet simply because it made some mess. Rather, you will train him so that he does not repeat to make the same mess again. Cat urine has a very strong odor and this usually comes from the proteins present in the urine. When you want to clean cat urine from a pool table felt, you will need special urine remover cleaners that will help you take care of the proteins present in the urine to do away with the odor. You will have to follow the procedure below if you want your felt looking good again.

Tools for Use

  • Cold water
  • White vinegar
  • Micro fiber cloths or
  • Cloths that are lint free
  • Neutral detergent e.g. Dreft
  • Nature’s Miracle
  • Small bucket or bowl


  • Take your small bucket or bowl and use it to mix neutral detergent and vinegar one tablespoon each, and cold water (four cups).

Using a thoroughly mixed mixture, moisten your micro fiber or lint free cloth and wring it. You should only make the cloth damp instead of dripping.

  • Use your damp cloth to blot the stain.
  • Continue blotting the area but do not allow the felt to get too wet. You should neither rub the felt, as it will make it ripple and stretch too.
  • You should allow the area to dry up completely once the stain is out.
  • In case the smell of the urine is present, Nature’s Miracle will help you take care of it. All you will need to do is moisten your micro fiber or lint free cloth with the fluid and blot the area, which had the stain. The product will then neutralize the proteins from the urine causing the odor.
  • Give the area time to dry up
  • If you are still able to see some stains, feel free to repeat the procedure again.


  • Whenever you are set out to clean a stain, you should first conduct a color-fastening test on a hidden area. This will allow you to determine whether you can proceed to cleaning the area with the stain as it is on an open area.
  • You will come across special detergents meant for cleaning the felt, however, home made detergents do work well in removing stains.

When your cat or any other pet has stained the felt, you should do well to remove the stain completely. This will save you from the trouble of cleaning your pet’s mess again as your pet will not be able to recognize any mark that might lead him to messing up the felt again. Cats are very interesting creatures. They will go back to where they peed to pee again if they find a reason to.

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