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How to Clean Varnished Wood

There are many people who love varnished wood items as they do not only offer the beauty to the item that has the varnish, but it also prevent it from wearing off as a result of water coming in to contact with the surface thereby weakening the surface. Varnished object and surface may be very difficult to take care since many people have no idea of cleaning varnished objects or surfaces. Some of the varnished objects include the doors, chairs wall units and so many things found in a house. This is why it is important for everyone to know how surfaces that are varnished should be cleaned.

Five tips of how to clean varnished door

  • When doing any kind of cleaning you will need to have all the tools that are required when cleaning a varnished surface.
  1. The first thing you need is furniture polish
  2. You will need water
  3. A piece of cloth
  • The fits step when cleaning varnished surfaces is by wiping the surface to remove the dust using a dry piece of cloth.
  • Then you will need to moisten the cloth with water and wipe the surface to remove the stubborn stains that may be stuck on the surface.
  • You should not leave the moisture in contact with the varnished surface as it will be able to penetrate the varnish and this may make the quality of such an object to deteriorate. You should know that varnish is not waterproof and it cannot prevent water from penetrating to the wood.
  • After cleaning the surface, then you may need to restore the shine of the product and this can be done by applying furniture polish using a dry piece of cloth. There are many furnitures polishes in the market and it is good if you find a quality polish that will eventually be effective on the surface that you are cleaning by giving it an appropriate shine.

Through following the above procedure you will be able to have your piece of furniture that is always clean and attractive all the time. Some cleaners are not appropriate to be used in varnished product as they may damage the finish and it is, therefore, very crucial to ensure that the cleaner you use will not have any effect on the surface. Cleaners that have alcohol are not good for cleaning the varnished surfaces and therefore such cleaners should not be used when cleaning doors or any other furniture’s that have varnish.

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