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How to Clean Acrylic Paint off Concrete

Acrylic paint is a durable paint that many use for various projects. You can use it on porous surfaces, smooth surfaces, and natural surfaces to name a few. However, when you put the last finishing touches on that project, and the wonderfully durable paint that you use falls onto the concrete, do not worry. For as durable as the paint is, it is easy to clean up with only a few simple steps.

How to Clean Off Wet Acrylic Paint:Acrylic paint is water based, as opposed to oil based, so if you drop the paint onto concrete, simply wipe up the extra with an old newspaper or rag, and throw it away. To get the stain out of the concrete itself, follow up the removal of wet paint by using hot water and detergent soap to take out any stains that might ruin the floor. If that does not work, bleach should do the trick, just be careful of getting the bleach on your hands, as it can be corrosive to skin. After applying the detergent you use to get the stain out, make sure to wash the area completely, so that you do not hurt yourself, your family, or any household pets.

How to Clean Off Dried Acrylic Paint:If the paint dries onto the concrete, then the steps to removing it are a bit more complex, but not because it is acrylic. As I said before, acrylic is durable. Once the paint has dried, take a scraper of some sort, such as a flat head shovel, drywall scraper, or even a razor will do the trick. So, scrape off the dried paint from the surface, and throw it away. There is no way to rehydrate the paint once it has dried. Once you get the thick layer off the top, then you will be able to address the stain that is on the bottom.

A few websites suggested to soak a cloth in paint thinner, and place the saturated cloth over the spot for an hour or two, then wash down the area to remove all traces of the paint thinner. If that does not work, you may use a compound called muriatic acid, which is a powerful corrosive, and will take the stain away. Following the directions on the bottle, mix one part acid with ten parts water, dip a brush into it, and scrub the stain away. And, as always, be sure to wash all the residue away to as to protect little ones.

Alternative Methods to Cleaning up Paint:If all that does not pan out the way you would like, or you would like a natural alternative to harsh chemicals, consider sandblasting the area, or use a floor grinder to get down into the pores of the concrete. The third alternative method is to use a power washer. All these things may be purchased or rented from your local home improvement store.

As durable as acrylics are, the clean up methods are as diverse as the paint itself. Next time, be more careful, and put down cardboard or newspaper for a much easier clean up.

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