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How to Remove Plaster from Hair

Ever get plaster stuck in your hair? If so you probably are wondering how exactly you get it out. Perhaps you never even though you would be reading this article now.

However, chances are you need know how to remove plaster from hair more effectively than trying to use the ingredients others have thought of (i.e. vinegar, baby oil). If you want to remove some and not all of this messy, stubborn substance from your hair pay attention.

You need these items to remove plaster from your hair: Hammer, tweezers, warm water, shampoo, water source, and towel. The easiest way to do this is to wash off in a bathtub or shower.

 Steps to Remove the Plaster:

1. Remove as many large chunks as possible. If chunks are in longer pieces of hair, spread the hair across a table. Then, hand the hammer to someone who can very carefully break off chunks of plaster by hitting the plaster-covered hair with a hammer.

This probably goes without saying, but do NOT use a hammer or similar heavy object directly on anyone’s head! If your hair is shorter, break it off by pinching pieces of it apart with the tweezers.

2. Remove rest of the plaster with warm water. This works because all plaster was before it dried was powder and water. Therefore, water will break up and dissolve the plaster when allowed to soak long enough. To being, you are advised to thoroughly wet the affected hair.

3. Wrap your hair in a towel. Then, allow the to remain on your wet hair for for several minutes until more dry.

4. Re-wet the hair and repeat the towel-wrapping process. Of course, choosing to do this a second time depends on how necessary you think it is. Chances are you will have to repeat this wetting, drying, and re-wetting every 15 minutes or so. Keep doing this until the plaster feels soft.

5. Remove remaining chunks with your fingers. By now, the plaster pieces should be very easy to remove from the hair. At the very least, they should be much easier to break apart if not pulled off. Once the plaster seems pliable, shampoo as normal in a warm (or hot) bath or shower.

Additional Tips and Advice:When working with plaster near hair, including eyebrows, eyelashes, facial hair, and hairlines, apply a generous coat of Vaseline to prevent plaster from sticking.

If hair stays wet long enough, the plaster will come out. If it seems like it’s not coming out, make sure the hair stays very wet for an extended period of time. This method will only work if the plaster does not begin to dry between soakings.

Just keep repeating this process until all the plaster in the hair is removed. It might take at least a few tries but you can get it out.

You might want to take a break in between applications for awhile though. In any case, you are once more reminded that if the hair stays wet enough the plaster will come out.

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