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How to Clean Dog Urine

A dog is often known for making a mess in the house. A simple guide on how to clean dog urine may be appropriate here. The guidelines you see here may actually help speed up the potty training process as odor elimination helps prevent repeat accidents.

Supplies Needed:Cleaning up dog urine requires the use of rather common supplies. Find some rubber gloves and gather together these supplies: vinegar or commercial pet urine remover (preferably non-toxic), paper towels, and dry cloths.

Pet urine removal steps are presented below:

  • Put on the rubber gloves and then soak up the mess with paper towels or dry cloths.
  • Treat the area for odors and stains.
  • Apply the treated area liberally with a pet urine removal product (i.e. Kids ‘n pets or Nature’s Miracle). The alternative would be to apply white vinegar. This breaks down the odor.
  • When cleaning padded furniture or carpets you should use enough of the stain remover so the odor is fully removed.
  • Some cleaning products require a scrubbing and rinsing as part of the cleaning regimen. However, other products are meant for the purpose of being left to air dry to help break down the urine proteins that cause odor.
  • When cleaning a hard floor apply the product and wipe the area with paper towels. Throw the towels away afterward because even the reusable ones are likely to hold a cat odor.
  • After the treated area dries, vacuum the carpet. This will help restore the carpet’s texture.

Alternate Method:You could also just soak up as much of the dog urine as possible. You would use bunches of paper towels, dry cloth, or cotton towels for this purpose.Afterward, you should then pour a thick layer of table salt over the wet spot. The purpose of adding the salt is because it will help remove the remaining dog urine left in the carpet. This process works best if the spot is still wet.

Also note that an alternative odor killer besides vinegar or pet urine remover is Listerine or comparable product. The antibacterial agents are what helps eliminate the smell.

Additional Advice:Treat the area well enough so that the smell does not return. Otherwise, pets will return to the same spot you just cleaned.

One indicator that the smell is permanently gone is if the pet no longer returns to the odorous location. If the pet does go to the area where the accident last occurred, take the pet outside.Furthermore, never use an ammonia-based cleaner on dog urine messes. This will only magnify the problem, as ammonia naturally occurs in urine. An non-toxic cleaner (preferably unscented if available) is your best choice.

You could also teach small dogs to go in a litter box just like a cat, or you could use a foam cleaner with a carpet brush. Whatever treatment you apply, you may have to repeat the cleaning procedure at least once.You also should no matter what let the carpeted area dry completely. Then, you should vacuum up the area as well as possible.

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