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How to Clean Lip Gloss from Hair

You may perhaps not until now realized how necessary it was to learn how to clean lip gloss from hair. However, sadly enough this is a process that is required more often than people who wear makeup would like to admit.

Maybe you are afraid to leave the house and you need some answers right away regarding how to remedy the situation. The good news is there is solution to this problem, and you can probably do this before you leave the house for work, school, or wherever. It just requires some common household ingredients.

Why the Struggle?

It is very difficult to get lip gloss out of hair because mineral oil, beeswax and polyisobutne is found in it. This binding mess is going to remain until you follow practical steps to get rid of the build-up. As long as you know what supplies are needed this procedure should not be quite so arduous.

Supplies Needed:Shampoo, dish soap, warm water and deep conditioner are some items needed. The effort and steps required depend on amount of lip gloss present and the type of shampoo you have.
Usually a deeper-cleansing solution is recommended. Any method of cleaning and combination of ingredients that breaks down the wax or oil-based substances found in lip gloss is recommended.

The Main Objective:The main objective of using the steps you see below is to remove waxy and oily substances using minimal effort. The secondary goal is to accomplish this task while keeping cost down. Generally speaking just common household cleaning ingredients or homemade formulas are necessary.

Here is a more detailed presentation of the methods involving lip gloss removal:

  1. Apply a generous amount of shampoo before wetting your hair. This allows the shampoo to more effectively attack the greasy lip gloss residue.
  2. Work the shampoo into the affected parts of your hair. Then, rinse your hair out thoroughly.
  3. After the washing step is finished you can then apply a high quality conditioner. Allow it to sit on your head for several minutes and then rinse it off thoroughly.
  4. Allow your hair to dry. Then, style it like you normally would.

Alternative Method:For tougher hair grease jobs you can apply a little bit of Dawn dish soap to the mess. Use a similar massaging technique as you would when normally washing or scrubbing your hair and scalp.

However, in this case you should wet your hair before application of one or two tablespoon full of the liquid. Then, you should massage the detergent in as well as possible.

More Advice:Dawn is considered one of the best grease-cutting detergents. However, you may find a comparable brand just as suitable. Just use whatever you feel is best and whatever you find is the most effective at removing grease.

In any case, you should always condition your hair and let it sit after washing it. The main reason why conditioner is recommended after using detergent is because dish soap is harsher than shampoo. There is more chance of it becoming dry or damaged.

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